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The sun is shining, it’s warm, I think back of this wedding and how  it was grand.  Time share with you Part 2 of Janice & Patrick’s Wedding Celebration.  As you saw last week in Part 1, the day was filled with joy,emotion and laughter…the recipe for a stunning celebration full of perfect moments.  A gorgeous venue and staff at Nita Lake Lodge lead by the sweetest girl, Kathleen and grandiose decor from the amazing work of Marcie and her team at Bliss Event + Decor.


Pascale oxo


 How did Whistler become your number one choice of where to tie the knot?

  • We have lived out East since university, so many of our guests were from Ontario and Quebec. As a child, the sea to sky highway was a special drive that I used to do with my dad. When I grew up and was able to drive, I would always drive the highway for stress-relief because it is so beautiful. Pat is a big skier and has many fond memories of Whistler specifically. Our favorite weddings that we have attended had all of the guests staying in one place- that is why we chose Whistler and the Nita Lake Lodge. Luxury, but with a un-pretentious atmosphere.


What was your criteria when looking for your dress and how did you know once you found it?

  • I actually chose a dress that was completely different from everything I said I wanted and everything my family and friends expected. For a girl that prides herself on being a tomboy, I didn’t think I wanted to feel like a princess. When I put that dress on however, that is how I felt and I loved the feeling. It was the type of dress that I knew I would never wear again and that was exciting for me. My taste has always been classic “with a twist” and this dress certainly fit the bill.


Describe your design elements and the inspiration behind them.

  • The intention was to be classy but with a touch of fun (ie the candy bar). We wanted to add personal elements to our day that many people wouldn’t know the significance of (the purple pansy in my bouquet, old family wedding photos to remember where we came from, the candy gift was from the first company I worked for, we flew in Macaroons from Quebec as homage to our Quebec years, mom’s candlesticks from her wedding), etc


What was the number one piece of advice given to you while planning your wedding and what would you pass on to newly engaged brides to help them in the coming months?

  • Make it your day- It is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the details and options that are out there. Know what matters to you and what you can let go of. The day will go by quickly and in the end, all that matters is that your friends and family are around you to marry the person that you love.


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