My wish to you for the New Year is…

I have been reflecting on 2013.  It’s been a “Full year”.

For the later part of 2013, I decided that the word “busy” was no longer part of my vocabulary.  Frankly, it doesn’t mean anything anymore.  It’s overrated and seems to be becoming a word of competition.  Surely my busy is busier than your busy! How can she claim to be so busy she doesn’t even have “fill in the blank“.  From that moment on something magical happened, I wasn’t so much busy as I was catching myself having moments that were full.  Full of first, full of great stories and magical moments, full of opportunities, full of everything that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning and get going.  This is exactly the life I choose and I have so much going for myself that I really don’t want the “busyness” to go away.

Someone told me last month;  “Careful, I think you are getting too busy”.  I took it in and reflected on it.  It occurred to me that the difference was quite simple.  I am happy, I am beyond passionate about every aspect of my life at the moment and so at times it can appear to be a very skillful juggling act simply because I have this curiosity and thirst for life that as never been so alive.  What a blessing.

And so for 2014, I wish you passion.  The kind that makes you want to give up an hour of your precious nigh sleep or that sitcom on television that you are use to watching every Monday night, the kind of passion that throws off your routine but awakes you to seize every moment.  Yeah you’ll be facing a few new found problems such as tiredness and balance perhaps even forgetting to eat a meal once in a while or to go pee but isn’t better than the alternative.

So here is to a “Full” 2014.

Pascale oxo

P.S  I should add a disclaimer that it does take a VERY understanding (partner,husband,wife) to roll with someone with passion!