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Gadbois Photography Whistler Commercial Photographer


As a Commercial Photographer in Whistler, BC & the Sea to Sky corridor, where innovation & entrepreneurship is thriving –

I have a passion for capturing the client’s products, services & locations in a way that is true to their vision.

In a world bombarded with visuals, relevancy and authenticity need to be at the forefront of commercial photography. I am influenced by both nature and minimalism, and make use of proper lighting, relevant props and editorial models to make the client’s passion and vision shine through.

Establishing a relationship of trust in order to understand the needs, goals, objectives and fears of the client is at the heart of creating a common vision and a positive collaboration.

Gadbois Photography Vancouver Commercial Photographer Project Skin MD

Project Skin MD


Over five years ago my hubby and I opened the clinic of our dreams, Project Skin MD. It was of the utmost importance to us that all of our photography be a TRUE reflection of who we are as a company, and more importantly, as people.

Well, the Gods and planets were aligned in our favour when we found Pascale! She’s incredibly talented but her innate beauty and gift is her ability to get to know her “subjects” and to embrace them with heart and soul. Through this gift, she can capture people’s moments in the most personal and beautiful way.
Let’s capture your story.